Daniel T Bochlas

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Daniel T. Bochlas is a singer, actor, model, & writer. His passion for the performing arts actually began as a child when he was cast in the musical, The Wizard of Oz. He has performed throughout the United States in places such as New York, Chicago, & Florida, as well as internationally. Mr. Bochlas has been featured in several commercials, magazines, numerous movies & musicals. He is classically & operatic trained from his University studies & is involved with various ensembles, choirs, and non-for-profit organizations. He is always ready and willing to share all his God-Given Talents and believes that music and art can heal this world, one person at a time.

Truly Yours In Christ – Daniel T. Bochlas

“Make a positive difference in someone’s life today”

Category: Web Development

Date: Nov 2015

Client: Daniel T Bochlas

Place: USA


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